What You should Remember if You Want to be Successful at Online Poker

For many, playing poker professionally seems like a dream job – making money simply by playing an exciting and fun game? Sign me up. But it’s not as easy as it seems, and many a fool has quit their day job only to find out that playing online poker professionally is an easy way to blow their savings and end up with less than before.

Not that it can’t be done – on the contrary, many have decided to become professionals and are very successful at it. But they didn’t become triumphant overnight. There’s no shortcut to success, and it’s the same in the world of poker.

Practice, practice, practice

There’s nothing like hard work – and in the world of professional poker, that means playing poker. Practice, practice, practice. And then practice some more. Play different stakes, on different sites, with different players – it’s important to expose yourself to as much experience as you can.

Starting small

Once you start playing with real money, it’s wise to start small. It’s not just about limiting your losses when you’re a beginner; it’s also about making sure you stay motivated even though you lose now and again. That little devil on your shoulder may tempt you to play for higher stakes, but refuse – stay small for a while.


Games of poker can get quite exciting, and every player gets emotional sometimes. Often, you’ll want to bet higher to make up for losses, or limit your stakes because you’re unsure. Stick with your game plan – it requires self-control, but discipline is part of the game. Just look at the AI Google Robot that beat the Korean player at GO – this robot has already proven its merit with poker, and is slated to be a poker contender in the future – all because it has, strictly speaking, no emotions and has full self-control.
Time and money management

If you’re serious about playing professionally, you’ll need to consider the game of poker as a job – which requires time and resources. Set a schedule; you’ll need to play a lot. But don’t play when you’re tired or distressed. Also, your money is your way of making more, so be disciplined.

Have fun

You won’t always have fun, certainly not if you’ve got a losing streak – but you should always strive to have fun, though. Otherwise, what’s the point? But never, ever start daydreaming whilst you’re at a game. Pay attention. It’s important, because that’s how you learn and adjust your strategy according to your opponents.

Often, beginners don ’t take the opportunity during down-time to study other players – they don’t watch bets and ask themselves why other players play the way they do. Pay attention. Daydream about a long holiday and about spending your money on flashy cars only after the game is finished.